Start Your Day The French Way

If you're anything like me, you crave routine. Each day feels more fulfilling when I plan it to prioritize certain tasks, make space for things I love, and leave some room for spontaneity. I find that my mornings really set the stage for the rest of my day- my productivity, my headspace, and my mood. Finding a morning routine I love and can keep up adds so much value to my days.

This morning routine highlights some of my favorite aspects of the French way of life: simplicity, effortlessness, and ease. I hope this inspires you to start your days off right- no matter the circumstance!

xx Jaclyn

  1. Wake up and Drink up! Starting your day with a large glass of water rehydrates you from the night and wakes you up naturally.

  2. Stretch lightly. Move your body slowly to get out any tightness from sleeping.

  3. Tea Time. I've been making earl grey tea in the morning and loving it! It's less caffeine than coffee so it keeps me calm yet focussed in the morning.

  4. Write your To-Do List. I take my to-do lists seriously. This helps me visualize what I need to get done that day and how to best prioritize this. It also helps with my mental clarity when it is written and structured.

  5. Get dressed. This helps me feel like my best self when I'm working from home. From pretty dresses to cotton mini sets, I always make sure I change out of my pajamas and into something more , yet still comfortable.

  6. No fuss hair and make-up. Throwing on a little tinted moisturizer, lip balm, and mascara goes a long way... it only takes 5 minutes to do and I feel a lot more put together. As for hair, there's no need to apply heat or try a fancy 'do'. I simply pull it back in a way that doesn't need to be fussed with but still looks neat- typically for me, this is a loose low bun.

  7. Make Breakfast. It's important that you eat separately from working. When it's a nice day, I like to take my breakfast outside and enjoy the sun. Even just 15 minutes in the sunshine gives you a proper dose of vitamin D for the day!

  8. Get to work. Set up a clean workspace with your to-do list visible. While at home, I always put flowers near where I'm working because they make me happy!

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