Wellness: A Chat with Yogi @lakenbadley

Laken Badley is the Hamptons yogi, you'll want to meet. Dressed in one of our brand new SENLIS dresses we talked about what she's doing this summer and tips for women looking to try out yoga. 
Who inspires you on a day to day basis?
Janne Robinson is someone I consistently find causes a jolt of inspiration firing through my veins. Her rawness, authenticity and her not so “politically correct” thoughts and feelings I have a deep appreciation for. Whether she’s ranting about self-love, self-worth or how to be a genuine badass I really connect with her. The fact she was able to create a sustainable life by sharing her rawness with the world and helping others overcome low self-esteem is something to clap for in my opinion. If you asked me whose shoes I’d like to live in for a day Janne Robinson would be my pick. 
What projects are you currently working on?
Currently, I’m building my clientele for private in-home yoga sessions in the Hamptons and am working on planning a couple of yoga retreats for 2020, retreats that involve KARMA Yoga.  Karma yoga translates to (selfless acts of service) 
Why do you love Yoga?
Why do I love Yoga? That alone is a whole book in itself lol. 
I love it because yoga is what helped me discover self-love. Only a few years ago I had breast implants and was so unhappy and depressed and so disconnected from myself. Yoga not only helped me overcome those parts of me, but it also unveiled a whole new way of living. My thought patterns were changing, my feelings and emotions. Not to say I’m a fully healed human I think that’s a life long journey, but in the last four years so much transformation and healing has happened and it’s all because of Yoga. It is exactly what brings me right back to my true self and true nature. 
Do you have any tips for beginners?
Tips for beginners: whether you’re practicing in a studio in a private session or following an app on your phone, don’t take it too seriously. Another important tip is to put the majority of your attention on the breath. Focus on inhaling exhaling longer than you normally would and consciously sending oxygen to every nook and cranny in the body. No matter what the postures look like your body and mind will without a doubt have a noticeable difference in the way they feel. 
Where are you planning to travel to next?
Describe your perfect vacation 
Perfect vacation must include lots of culture, great food (vegetarian-friendly) warm temperatures with jaw-dropping views and lots of outdoor activities! 
What do you have planned for the summer?
I’m starting an online holistic nutritionist course. I hope to get involved in a few of the nonprofit organizations out here and hope to create a healthy work/life balance while connecting with others that inspire! 
Where is your go-to spot in the Hamptons?
My ultimate go-to spot is the beach. Nothing is more healing than the sound of the ocean, the smell of the salty air and being reminded of how small I am. 
Favorite workout of the moment?
Favorite workout at the moment Kayla Itsines bikini body girl HIIT workouts, it’s the perfect 30 min cardio and a$$ kicking this gal needs. 

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