Wellness: Custom fragrances are lit at @FloresLane


Cool collaborations abound at Cali based candle company, Flores Lane. Sustainably-sourced and eco-chic, their personalized candles fragrantly represent everything from a neighborhood like Soho to the ethos of a brand.

Their handcrafted soy candles are infused with poetic notes that immerse you into the lifestyle of iconic neighborhoods. From summer destination to Sag Harbor, to the snapshot-worthy coastline of Malibu, Flores Lane creates scents that embody the spirit of place. One of our favorites is Joshua Tree where natural notes of cactus blossom and geranium, mixed with just a hint of campfire, inspire the scent of the desert after it rains. 

For those looking to keep the Namaste alive, the Chakra & Meditation collection of aromatherapy candles will inspire you to live in the present moment. Take the Heart Chakra candle with Palo Santo—known to have calming aromatherapy benefits—it focuses on the fourth primary chakra to help balance & calm for total serenity. 

If you don’t spot your local neighborhood or final destination, customize your own candle with a personalized color, fragrance, origin and destination, which is showcased as longitude and latitude coordinates. With just the strike of a match, home is never too far away.

Images courtesy of Flores Lane 

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