Talking travel with Esther Kim aka @eskimoves

When we picture the ultimate SENLIS muse our minds immediately go to the globe-trotting and incredibly chic Esther Kim. Forever on the move, Esther captures her wide-ranging journeys for her blog and Instagram 'Eskimoves'. We met with Esther in the Hamptons to chat all things travel and show her the latest from SENLIS before she jetted off on her next adventure.

How would you describe your lifestyle?

Fun and enthusiastic! It's a balance between writing and working at the apt, exploring places I thought it would take a lifetime to see, and making meaningful memories with friends and family. I try to find the fun in every meal, workout, trip, day etc. It depends on the situation, of course, but the enjoyment of an activity can only benefit from some enthusiasm, chutzpah, whatever you wanna call it!

Tell us about your blog

On Eskimoves, I give a rundown of activities related to travel and food that I found to be rewarding and present it in a format that makes it easy for people to experience the same. I think the way I explore new places is unique and useful and I hope to inspire people to stress less about travel and planning and to actually get out there and enjoy your vacation/ your city/ wherever you are! It sounds easy, maybe, but I constantly find that people struggle with enjoying things because they are stressed about everything surrounding the "event". Stay calm and trust that Eskimoves has your back!

You travel frequently. What has been your favorite adventure?

My favorite adventure is always changing. On a Friday night I may be wishing I was in Barcelona, Hong Kong, Miami, or Tokyo. If I'm hungry I wish I was back in Singapore or Italy. There’s really no other place like the place you wish you were in that moment. We travel because we want to see what is somewhere else, and we return to that place again because of the memories we made there before.

Where do you hope to travel to next?

Georgia, the country, is at the top of my destinations list at the moment because I want to stuff my face with Georgian food and see the Caucasus mountains!

Do you have any tips for planning a big trip?

Yes! Don’t over plan! Don't overpack! Life is full of unexpected opportunities and surprises. Don’t miss them because the itinerary doesn’t have a slot for them or you can't lug your bags to them. Make a top 3 must-see attractions list and look up tickets for them in advance. Also, download my Map Pack if I have one for the city you’re visiting because nothing makes travel less stressful than being guided where to go and knowing it's going to be great. Especially since most advice I relay on my blog is provided by locals, confirmed by travelers and experienced by me!

What's your 5 must-haves when traveling abroad?

A versatile jacket for cool nights and airports. Comfortable walking shoes that are also cute. An unlimited data plan. A portable charger. Friends (potential or confirmed! HMU!) waiting for me.

What's a piece from the SENLIS collection you think would fit perfectly in your wardrobe/ suitcase?

The Hélène Tiered dress. It's light and airy but covers fully while staying sexy, and to my delight, it takes up almost no space in my bag. Versatile and makes me feel like a French girl running through a field in the countryside, which I totally pretend I am sometimes.

 Esther wears the Hélène Tiered Long Sleeve Ruffle Maxi Dress available here


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