SENLIS Style: The Select 7's Pamela Schein Murphy

From film production to restaurant PR, Pamela has successfully conquered more fields than most can imagine. Her passion for magazine work inspired her current project The Select 7, a lifestyle website that here at Senlis we consider true coveted editorial. The Select 7 has featured subjects ranging from fashion designer Anine Bing to Olivia Culpo. We visited Pamela at her dreamy home on the Upper West Side and discussed everything from the role her two children have played in her career to where to eat in NY (her husband is famed Chef Marc Murphy, so we trust!).

How did The Select 7 come to be? Actually - my daughter started the site for me as a Mother's Day gift a couple of years ago. Originally it was supposed to be just a depository for all of the research I am constantly doing on the best places to go, sunscreens, rain boots — you name it! But as it grew, it morphed into what it is today, a curated lifestyle magazine that highlights a different personality every week for  7 days.

Do you have any tips for young women who hope to run successful businesses one day? Don't ever take no for an answer. There's always a workaround.

If you could impart one piece of wisdom to your daughter, what would it be? Pay attention and take notes.

Where are you planning to travel to next? This was a big year for travel: LA, Peru, London, Paris, Morocco (twice!) and Mexico, so at the moment I’m sort of enjoying being home. But I’m trying desperately to get to Portugal at some point this summer! But the next solid plan is Italy in September.

Describe your perfect vacation Food, shopping, culture, repeat. And in that order. Beach vacations are nice, but not really my thing. I’m all about discovery and authenticity.

What do you have planned for the summer? I need to read a few books and take a few naps.

Where is your go-to spot to eat in NY? I have a few, but my faves are ABC Kitchen, Loring Place, and Crispo

Favorite Upper West Side haunts? I’m loving Mokum these days and Storico is an absolute gem of a restaurant.

Pam’s Senlis Select: Juliana Long Sleeve Midi Dress

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