SENLIS Style: The Dancer from Vienna

Embodying the unique and curious traveler that inspires SENLIS is Hannah Kickert. Originally from Vienna, Hannah is a dancer and model passionate about hunting down the newest places to explore. In the Hamptons, Hannah shows us her dancer’s grace and chats her favorite travels, places that remind her of home, and her SENLIS selects. 

What are your favorite go-to places in New York City that remind you of home?

Vienna is so different from New York that it’s difficult to find places which remind me of home, but definitely the Neue Galerie with the art from Austria. The outside area/garden at Nowadays in Bushwick also reminds me of Vienna, because we have a lot of outside areas, where people come together to relax. Last but not least: Central Park. I love nature and living close to Central Park was just a dream come true for me. Being able to go for a run and escape the city madness, was crucial for my mental wellbeing.

As a world traveler what pieces from Senlis are must-haves in your bag?

I absolutely adore the Alexis Tiered Long Sleeve Midi Dress and the Hélėne  Tiered Long Sleeve Ruffle Maxi Dress. They are both perfect for a summer day at the beach but also a nice dinner out. They are so light, that it almost feels as if you are not wearing anything :) 

How do you balance a lifestyle of dancing, modeling and traveling?

I like to stay busy, but from time to time it gets overwhelming juggling multiple passions. Then I need to remind myself to take every day as it is and not think of the multiple things coming up. Planning ahead and keeping up with the big picture is definitely necessary, but even more important is to live day by day and enjoy every day to the fullest!

What has been your most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience was visiting the beautiful country of Mongolia. It was right after I graduated high school and I had never been to Asia, so this trip was mind-blowing. Having local friends gave us the opportunity to get a glimpse into the nomad life with their traditional yurts, their own herd of horses and the homemade food, which they made from scratch. The wonderful hospitality of the people and the breath-taking landscapes made this my best trip so far!

When do you feel most confident?

Funny enough I think I feel most confident on stage performing a piece of my own. This is normally very personal and vulnerable, but since I don’t have to imitate anybody else, I can be completely myself, that’s when I feel most confident. The same applies to standing in front of the camera. I seem to become the person I am in front of the camera and always discover new sides of myself.

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