SENLIS Style: Power & Purpose with Lydia Fenet

Renowned Christie’s auctioneer and author of the off-the-charts successful book The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You Lydia Fenet takes time from her current book tour to share her #senlisstyle. Her experience commanding attention as an auctioneer makes her the ultimate source on putting your best and most self-assured foot forward. We spoke with Lydia to learn about her new book, dressing confidently, and what she loves from SENLIS.  

Let’s talk about your new book. 

The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You is a book about finding confidence and power in yourself. I have worked at Christie’s auction house as an auctioneer for 16 years. In that role I have the opportunity to stand onstage and command audiences of thousands; but when I first started as an auctioneer I was always questioning my ability. The book is a story about how I found my voice and the amazing things that followed after I found out to use that voice to go after my dreams. I hope that women will find my story inspiring and go after the life that they want to live.

What is a piece of advice you wish you could impart to your two daughters, Beatrice and Eloise, that is also pertinent to all young women? 

Know that power comes from within you – and when you are confident in yourself you don’t need to look around to other people for acceptance or encouragement. True power comes from believing in yourself.

As an auctioneer, do you have any tips on building the confidence to step out on a stage and command an audience's attention? 

Everyone gets nervous no matter how confident they may seem when they go onto a stage. Just remember that the audience wants you to succeed - think of them as a big cheering section.

When do you feel most confident? 

Whenever I am onstage at the beginning of an auction seconds before raising money for an organization. I feel confident in my ability and excited about the prospect of helping others with funds raised during the auction.

Getting dressed for work can be a process. What is your 9 to 5 go-to-look that is professional but makes you feel confident and beautiful? 

I have three small children so I am always looking for options that make me feel put together but are also quick and easy. My 9 – 5 is all about wearing a great dress with fun, colorful accessories and a great pair of heels.

If you could pick one piece from the SENLIS collection that you would feel the most confident and powerful in, what would it be? 

The Elisabeth Sleeveless Ruffle Front Maxi. It is the kind of dress that it easy to bring on a trip – and you can take it from the workplace with a blazer to evening with a great pair of earrings.

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