SENLIS Style: Meet The Culinistas Co-Founders

Jill Donenfeld and Tiana Tenet are the women behind The Culinistas, where they offer private chefs for weekly in-home meal prep and special occasions across New York City, The Hamptons and Los Angeles. The Culinistas tell SENLIS about their inspirations and share their Thanksgiving Specialties.  

We interviewed Jill and Tianas about their business, and of course, their style.


How did you get into your field and what inspired you to create The Culinistas?

We both grew up eating together around the dinner table with our families. It helped shape us to be the adults we are today and we are committed to promoting openness, conversation, and connection. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from for the Culinistas' offering?

We think about dishes that foster sharing like big salads and grain bowls when planning menus. Our culinary inspiration comes from a desire for balance and wellbeing. We love vegetables and plant-based sauces.

How do your roots and travel experiences inform your work?

Both of our parents are entrepreneurial, which, without a doubt, made it not difficult for us to imagine building a business for ourselves. Our travel experiences are diverse between us and play into how we think about what a meal means across cultures.

What trends in the culinary space are you most excited about?

One pot dishes, no waste cooking, and meal prepping coming to the mainstream.

How do you incorporate philanthropy into your work?

We offer a postnatal weekly meal prep service and we work with Every Mother Counts to donate a portion of every purchase to their organization.

How do you think trends surrounding health/wellness affect your business the most?

We're grateful that more and more people are thinking about their health as it pertains to clean eating, planning their meals in advance, and eating a balanced diet. 

Tell me about your personal style, is it a reflection of your past experiences, your work, your home?

TT: Jill's style doesn't come without a story. There is always something she is wearing that is heirloom or describes a specific moment from her life.

JD: Tiana likes the classics: the classic brands and classic styles. But she always pulls a little fun into each outfit - pearls sewn on the cuff of a sweater, an animal print, or a sparkly shoe.

Quickfire Questions!

 What is your favorite dish you created?

JD: Confetti Shrimp

TT: Calabrian Cauliflower


What is your Thanksgiving specialty?

TT: Picking out the wine. 

JD: I mise everything out for my mom. 


Who or what is your current muse?

JD: Eileen Fisher  

TT: Serena Williams


What are your favorite SENLIS pieces? 




Thank you Tiana and Jill for spending time with us! Check out what they are doing at the Culinistas here

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