SENLIS Style: Artist Jeanette Morrow Shares her Inspirations

Artist Jeanette Morrow shares her love of art and her affection for her surroundings with us. Jeanette is a multidisciplinary artist who specializes in painting and ceramics. Jeanette tells SENLIS about her inspirations. 

Tell us about your studio and what you create as an artist.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist with a painting studio in Manhattan and, just recently, a studio upstate where I’ll be able to focus on my ceramics line. My paintings are generally large abstract color stories and my ceramics line will be an heirloom inspired collection of pieces. I can’t wait to share more!


What's your favorite thing about your studio?

I love my painting studio because it’s close to the street so I can feel the energy of the city in my own little nook. I love my studio upstate because it’s the exact opposite! I’m convinced I’m a people-loving introvert, if there can be such a thing. I love being able to be in the mix, or retreat into solitude and natural beauty.


Does Manhattan inspire your artwork?

Of course! Manhattan is an impossible force to resist. My recent works featuring more layers and mediums is a nod to the New York cityscape.


We love your pieces! Do you think that your style influences your art?

Thank you! For me, creativity is fluid and typically a response to feeling an abundance, not a depletion. So when I’m wearing pieces that I love it makes for a clearer path to a  productive and rewarding time in the studio.


What's your favorite SENLIS piece right now?

Well I do adore my Alexis dress! I wore it with sandals all summer and have been wearing it with suede boots as the weather turns. It’s just the perfect piece. However I just saw the new Antoinette dress and have a feeling that’ll be my next addition!


What's your top tip for looking chic during a New York winter?

Book a trip somewhere far away! And if you can’t, invest in a good moisturizer and an oversized coat.

How do you incorporate philanthropy into your work?

I support Karama Collection and Young Life.



Quickfire questions:

By hand or digital?

By hand!

Florals or Polka Dots?

You might have already guessed florals 

New York or Savannah?

Oh, tough! NYC has my heart, Savannah has my soul.

Nature or indoors?


Neutrals or pastels?

I’m convinced pastels can be neutrals!

All photos courtesy of Nicola Harger.

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