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Tucked away in Long island city, Stephanie Hirsch’s scintillating art studio showcases her creative ingenuity and feminine spirit. We had the opportunity to tour Stephanie’s studio, learn about her latest artistic endeavors and show her one of our new SENLIS Collection dresses, launching at the end of this month. Read on to learn about Stephanie’s artistic inspirations, what she's reading when she's not creating, and her favorite NYC spots.

What's your dream vacation? 72 hour glass cabin in Sweden

Who is your ultimate muse? If I had to pick one person it would have to be Frida Kahlo. She epitomizes someone who lived their truth and did not care what anyone thought. She forged her own path and never veered from her own lane. My favorite quote from her is “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.” She knew who she was! That’s inspiring, sexy and often groundbreaking!

What’ s your tip to balancing a successful career as an artist? Own the space you are in and never let trends or what other people are doing deter you from following your truth. Most importantly make sure you meditate as your inner ocean is where will the purest treasures are found!

What's your favorite piece of art you have been working on? I am making a beaded gradient surfboard that has many different images and elements incorporated from the span of my career. I metaphorically use beads as seeds of growth into ones highest self. This piece will be so gorgeous, deep and has so much meaning to me.

Last book you couldn't put down? Where the Crawdads Sing A Simply incredible book! A must read. Just thinking about it brings me to tears.

What inspires you? The journey, the ups, downs, and life lessons. The love and perseverance of my children. Kindness, the depths of the soul and flowers.

Favorite place to dine in NY? I find The Pool Room super sexy

What does being a curious romantic mean to you? It means never trying to stop evolving and growing as a human. Being open to life and change. To feeling free inside and living a higher purpose where kindness, peace, purpose and passion are the driving force.

Best place to see art in NY or elsewhere?  I love the Met. It’s romantic, iconic and a labyrinth of beauty and history.  

What do you see for yourself beyond the horizon I see the visions I have had since 6 years old finally coming to fruition where my career, my children and soulmate all collide to make a beautiful life symphony.

Stephanie Wears the Ella Ruffle Sleeveless Maxi Dress available here

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