SENLIS Style: The Perfect Snapshot with Lisa Eryn Silverman of @thesefinewalls

Meet Lisa Eryn Silverman, founder of These Fine Walls, a curated collection of limited-edition prints by photographers from around the world. We visited Lisa’s Tribeca home to show her a preview of our SENLIS Collection and see her personal These Fine Walls pieces. While wearing The Reagan Dress from our new collection, Lisa talked about everything from balancing business to traveling and, where of course, her favorite restaurants are in NYC.


How did the idea of These Fine Walls come together? 

In my career as a fashion-photography producer for Michael Kors, I found myself constantly exposed to the private portfolios of the world’s most esteemed photographers, whose photos lay dormant unless published in the glossy pages of a magazine. Recognizing the power of these images as worthy of a frame and wall, I founded TheseFineWalls in 2014 in order to re-present fashion, beauty, and other editorial-styled images as decorative art for interior settings.

What inspires you?

The photographs and interior designers we get to work with.  Our photographers continue to amaze me with the beautiful photographs they create and the designers we work with continuously inspire me with their amazing creations. Seeing the art come to life in spaces always inspires me to grow this business!

Who is your ultimate style muse?

My mom. She is the most stylish woman I know and the most beautiful inside and out. She founded and runs a charity called Supplies For Success and helps thousands of children in need each year. She is simply amazing!

What's your dream vacation?

A sailboat with my family. My husband and I lived on a boat for our honeymoon and I can’t wait to do it again someday with my son (who is a little too young for it at the moment).

Where are your go-to spots to dine in NYC?

I live in Tribeca and we have so many great neighborhood spots. I would say some of my favorites are Locanda Verde, Estancia, The Greek, and Marc Forgione

Do you have any tips for balancing motherhood and having a successful career?

Start your own business! Though it is a ton of work, the flexibility you have being your own boss is priceless. I can be there for my son when I want and choose when to focus on my business. Passion and loving what you do is also so important

What do you see for yourself beyond the horizon?

Continue to grow my family and TheseFineWalls!

Lisa’s SENLIS Select: The Reagen Ruffle Front Sleeveless Mini Dress

Check out The Fine Walls here 

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