SENLIS Style: The Second Shift's Jenny Galluzzo

An avid feminist and mother of two sons, Jenny Galluzzo seemingly does it all. As co-founder of The Second Shift, Jenny has made it her job to champion women's empowerment in the workplace. We met with Jenny in the West Village to chat about her work for Planned Parenthood, raising her sons to be feminists, and tips for young women just starting their careers. 

Tell us about The Second Shift! 

The Second Shift is a talent marketplace created to connect high-level professional women with well-paying, meaningful work. Our goal is to provide a pathway for women to remain engaged and rise up in the workplace and to provide a solution for businesses looking to keep top-level female talent in the pipeline.

Getting dressed and looking the part for a job is crucial- how do you approach dressing for work? 

You should always dress the way you want people to see you. I like to dress up and always feel better about the day if my outfit feels right.

Is there a piece from the SENLIS collection you feel is feminine yet sophisticated enough for work? 

Much of the SENLIS collection would be perfect for work with a blazer or leather jacket layered over it. Maybe some cute slingback flats or even sneakers. I am also really into belts right now and like the look of layering textures and materials with florals.

Do you have any tips on balancing work life with home life? 

Ha! That's a false construct-- there is no balance there is setting intentions and working to make them happen whether it's work, personal, or family goals and needs. I believe in trying to do the best you can, being okay with saying no, setting realistic expectations and being disciplined.

You’re involved with Planned Parenthood; As the mother of two sons, how do you raise them to be feminists too?

It's not enough to tell them how to behave and what to believe in, you have to show them. We've made protest signs as art projects since they were little. I've taken them to women's marches and Planned Parenthood protests-- even when they throw a fit about it. It's a big topic of conversation because it's also my job-- but mostly, I believe in showing up for what you believe in.

To young women who want to get involved with an organization like PPNY, what do you suggest? 

Just do it-- volunteer at a clinic, donate money, organize an event. Thinking about getting involved and liking posts on social media don't move the needle. People need to call, protest, donate and for the things they care about.

When do you feel most beautiful and confident? 

Obviously when I am strolling through NYC casually smelling a lovely bouquet of flowers... But seriously, when I feel like I am meeting my personal expectations ie; gym, work, family taken care of, and hopefully a shower.

Do you have any job advice for young women just starting their careers?

Be patient-- your career is a marathon and not a sprint. Be honest, enthusiastic, keep your head down and work hard. Keep your network strong-- everyone you meet grows the foundation of people able to help you along your way

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