Bethenny x SENLIS Virtual Trunkshow

This Thursday, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Bethenny Frankel to launch our Virtual Trunkshow platform, an innovative new platform we developed for our community to help individuals start their own successful business sharing a brand they adore. To kick it off, Bethenny has created a curated collection of SENLIS to share with her followers. Her collection is accompanied by a video where she speaks about why she chose to partner with SENLIS and walks us through her favorite pieces from the collection, highlighting how to style and where to wear them. 

Bethenny describes SENLIS as...

“a flirty, feminine, beautiful brand owned and run by women. It is a great pricepoint for the quality… it is effortless. It’s sexy, but in a very subtle way…”

Each piece is shoppable directly from the video, so as she speaks about her favorite dress, the Cora, you can add the dress directly to your shopping cart without leaving her trunkshow video. In this current virtual world, being able to connect with someone through video as they wear and style the clothes is helpful to understand the product beyond just a stagnant product image and description, and can help bring that in-store experience to your home. 

With this new platform, we empower you, our community, to use your creativity and style to curate a collection, exclusively available to your audience. Unlike other programs, SENLIS doesn’t require any investment - in fact, we gift you a piece of SENLIS to get started, and offer cash incentives and rewards along the way. With Virtual Trunk Show, we aim to build a stylish, forward-thinking community which doesn’t require you to be at a desk or in an office to have a meaningful career - especially during these crazy times.. 

In an era where retail is rapidly changing, why not be a part of the future?

More information to come on how to apply to be a SENLIS Ambassador and host your own trunkshow… In the meantime, enjoy Bethenny’s picks!




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