Aurelia Demark Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Designer, Aurelia Demark, informs us of her French roots and inspiration behind her beautiful jewelry line. 

Aurelia Demark Jewelry

Aurelia Demark Jewelry

How did you get into your craft and what inspired your jewelry line?

I’ve loved jewelry and accessories for as long as I can remember.

My French mother always told me that jewelry and accessories will make you look pulled together even with the simplest pieces of clothing, which is absolutely true. Making jewelry was always a hobby of mine and then as I grew older, I began to collect - buying at vintage stores and antique markets.

My interest then took on bigger importance when I began to manage the jewelry business at Tory Burch.

When I had my first daughter, my mother designed an elephant pendant for me to commemorate her birth -  it was then that I realized she had also designed a duck pendant that she always wore: it was a piece she created for herself, to commemorate my birth.

These pieces are our family heirlooms I cherish.

It was then I knew I wanted to partner with my mother and design a collection together and that it was time to leave my corporate job and do something on my own. Creating designs that have such meaning in people’s lives is really an honor and also serves as a huge inspiration.

How do your roots and travel experiences inform your style, home, and work?

Growing up with a French mother definitely influenced my personal style and taste. We traveled a lot when I was younger and that exposed me to so many different cultures and lifestyles.

Being immersed in different parts of the world has informed my personal sense of style and design in ways that are hard to explain. Collect and surround yourself with pieces you love and have meaning to you.

What trends in the jewelry/fashion industry are you most excited about?

It’s all about personalization, layering and collecting pieces that have significance.

More than ever, it’s about how you style and express yourself. Clients love being a part of the process by personalizing a piece they’ll cherish forever and pass down from generation to generation

Aurelia Demark Jewelry

Aurelia Demark Jewelry

What are your favorite SENLIS pieces?

The Addie Midi Skirt 

The Hélène Midi Dress 

The Valentine Maxi Dress

The Edie Crewneck Sweater 

The Hélène Tiered Midi Skirt


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