Julia's Flower Dispatch From LA

Quarantine in LA is getting harder to do with all the beautiful flowers blooming around us. Lucky for me, I have an outdoor area that I fill with plants and grow my own herbs. Taking care of these plants and slowing down to water and trim them has given me a lot of joy in the last few weeks. Here's some floral updates from my LA apartment:

This bright hue is such a gorgeous contrast. I trimmed these and added some into a vase center piece!

I love this overflowing greenery. From my perspective... the more elements of nature, the better!

This is my small herb area! I check on these everyday.

I'm wearing the SENLIS Adélaïde skirt, one of my springtime favorites.

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And here are some of the ways I bring the plants inside. Placing greenery around my apartment brightens up my WFH days.

Plus, hanging baskets are a great way to conserve space!

Hope you enjoyed and Happy Gardening! xx Julia

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