April In Bloom: Flower Dispatch From Home

Happy April! We are so excited that it's finally Gardening Month. With our time isolation, we have been finding moments of joy in the fresh air of our gardens. Despite our restless fears regarding the pandemic, spring is still blooming around us... and finding comfort in that is what we need to get through. We hope you find as much joy in these beautiful floral moments as we did.

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This beautiful cherry blossom has bloomed in front of my home!

& Forsythia has been blooming everywhere in my neighborhood.

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Julia has planted herbs in at her LA home. Taking on the project of growing you own herbs is a great way to embrace the art of slowing down. Plus, when all of this is over, it's a great thing to share with your loved ones & friends. She uses herbs in recipes, wellness routines, and her famous steams.  

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We hope this inspires you to seek beauty in the little things around you.

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Florals in Bloom

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