Fall Fleurs of the Week: Dahlilas, Eucalyptus, Beehive Ginger, Goldenrod, and Pampas Grass

We’re in a fall floral kind of mood. For SENLIS, autumn is all about neutrals  punctuated with pops of rich color...
We’ve created some arrangements to inspire us for the new season, using dahlias as a reminder to stay creative, eucalyptus to cleanse and purify, beehive ginger as a bold statement of strength and resilience, all set against a meadow of goldenrod and silvery pampas grass.
These florals are the perfect mirror of our new red gold leaf print, found on the best-selling Miranda Skirt and Stephanie Dress
Style these soft cotton pieces with your favorite sweater and boot to transition seamlessly into the autumn season (a handful of dahlias to complete the look is optional, but recommended). 
Happy fall! Xx

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