Fête: @Pigsty on Her Favorite Fleur

Hope Sword of Pigsty Studio turns flowers into poetry. Playful, ethereal, romantic, wild, and warm, her arrangements evoke the raw, untamed beauty of Mother Nature: the rugged California coastline, the majesty of the Redwood trees, the desert magic of cacti, the joyful quirk of poppies. Here she shares what’s giving her life this spring — and her words are every bit as compelling as her blooms. 
Hope’s Notes:
 • My favorite flower depends fully on the season. It’s so hard to pick what thrills me the most, sometimes it changes on a daily basis. 
• The one flower I look forward to the most in the month of May is Bearded Iris. I ask my wholesaler about it for weeks leading into May. 
• Typically a spring flower on the east coast, I grew up with deep purple irises near our chicken coop and remember them vividly as a pop of color in a usually yellow sea of daffodils. They are long lasting, intricate, mystifying & soft.
• I like them by themselves in an arrangement or nestled in some lush foliage.  
• Distinctly spring, they are the power house of the English garden, after snowdrops and crocus do their thing. Their departure indicates its time for Peonies which is also a big favorite.”
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