Fête: Fleurtastic Treats with @loriastern

If you’ve stopped believing in fairies, chances are, you’re not yet familiar with the enchanted creations of caterer and baker extraordinaire, Loria Stern. Her pressed flower cookies, for example, seem so steeped in magic, it’s hard to believe a mortal baked them in a kitchen as opposed to being plucked from some sort of enchanted forest hideaway. More simply put, they are the stuff of dreams. As is Loria! 
We are endlessly inspired by her creativity and her love for local community; her commitment to the environment and sustainable practices. More than a maker, she is a muse, imbuing everything she touches with thoughtfulness and rigor. But don’t just take our word for it ... take hers. 
What’s your dream city to live in?  I could be happy living in Mexico City or Paris. 
What’s one unexpected fact about you we may be surprised to learn?  I was a semi-professional tennis player!
If you could go back in time to a favorite memory or see the future, what would you choose and why?  I prefer not to go back in time or fast forward time, but instead live in the moment, that's the best method for me!
Who is your favorite muse of past or present? There are so many!  Although I will forever be inspired by Freida Kahlo and 80's Madonna. 
What does modern femininity mean to you?  Doing what feels best for you!  Also not comprising yourself, your time, your values, for others. 
Is there a creative outlet you’re curious to explore?  I love painting although have no time for it at the moment!
What’s the last film you saw that made your heart melt?  I just re-watched It's Complicated and it always melts my heart.  I'm a sucker for Rom Coms. 
What’s a book worth re-reading?  Essays and Essays: Second Series by Ralph Waldo Emerson, I love. 
Images Courtesy of Loria Stern

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