Interiors: Youthful Joy in an Acrylic box

Lulie Wallace, based out of Charleston SC, creates paintings that reflect the joyful and thoughtful people in her everyday life. Lulie designs floral patterns with a sense of timelessness and hopes her pieces will be passed down by daughters and granddaughters. Joyous and whimsical, the handprinted silk collection is a beautiful heirloom to pass down that every girl would love.

Lulie Wallace recently launched her new framed handprinted silk collection featuring whimsical floral patterns and vibrant colors. Each piece of the new collection is handpainted onto silk, hand sewn onto linen, and then framed in a recessed acrylic box frame. In her most recent designs, she paints combinations of floral and geometric shapes. Because of these elements, each piece reflects a feminine sense of youthful joy.

Framed in a modern acrylic box that looks so chic, we are dying to add these pieces to our homes!


Check out Lulie Wallace on her Website and Instagram!

Images by Lulie Wallace Art, Gal Meets Glam, and Laurey W. Glenn.

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