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As curator of one of East Hampton’s must-stop shops for all things chic in the art & furniture world—The Interior—Stephanie Michaan knows a thing or two about putting a space together that’s as warm & inviting as it is minimal & airy. Here, she breaks down her inspiration, favorite Hamptons essentials & feeling good in the present moment.

Your shop is home to the most perfect Hamptons selection. How do you curate?  A lot has to do with designers & makers whose aesthetic aligns with mine— they’re either inspired by texture, the love of the ocean or a sense of creating home.

Where do you find inspiration? The ocean—it stays with me and gives my space a certain tone.

Name some of the must-haves you’re loving right now: Our new Tracy Dixon and Yoon Young Hur ceramics. They add so much warmth & character—plus, they’re useful.

Why is it important to you to have greenery in your space? Greens give life, literally. So many of my items are made with great energy and ingredients—the greens help accentuate that.

What’s your go-to local florist? Sag Harbor Florist—their blooms are as good as their greens, which is hard to come by.

Give a shout-out your Hamptons must-stop spots: The beach! Then Carissa’s for an iced coffee and croissant.

Any plans for another shop? For now, what we have feels good. I’m all about growth, but I also believe in giving everything to what we’re doing now—it’s a nice place to be.

Images courtesy of The Interior 

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