Interiors: Enter the Sensory World of Modern Dining at The Florist

If it hasn’t taken over your instagram feed already, it’s only a matter of days. The Florist is a new restaurant chain in the UK with locations in Bristol, Liverpool, and Watford.

This restaurant is truly a dream. With florals integrated throughout all aspects of the restaurant, everywhere you look becomes a beautiful vignette. Besides being beautiful visually, one of The Florist’s missions is to incorporate the fundamental principles of floristry to charm each of the senses. Each of their restaurants is designed to feel like you are stepping into a sensory world full of culinary delight, fragrant cocktails, and live music. Deliberately crafting a menu that hints at floral notes, The Florist takes you from Sunday brunch, to high tea, to your happy hour Spritz.

Integrating florals and natural beauty into your daily routine is known to improve your mood. We’ve noticed the trend of integrating live flowers into restaurant design. Many coffee shops and restaurants have accent walls full of florals and greenery. As cold weather approaches, we are even more inspired to visit these places for our daily floral fix.

These are the pieces from our collection we would wear to The Florist:

The Lucia Midi

The Valentine

The Eliza Mini


Check out The Florist  on instagram @thefloristuk
All photos belong to The Florist UK. 

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